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ROCC Housing Development, LLC

Building Communities and Cultivating Relationships

About ROCC Housing Development LLC


Committed to Excellence


ROCC Housing Development LLC has been meeting the increasing demand for property and real estate projects in the Texas area by upholding unwavering integrity and a dedication to achieving exceptional outcomes with the utmost quality standards. Our team of professionals collaborates closely with investors and landowners, consistently surpassing expectations to deliver outstanding results.

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Rooted in Houston, TX, expanding across the globe.


ROCC Housing Development LLC is dedicated to the development of residential and commercial buildings in Houston and the surrounding areas, expanding across the globe.


By producing affordable yet desirable housing communities, we are committed to serving the community and providing excellent quality of service.


We are dedicated to conducting ourselves fairly, honestly, and in good faith, always striving to perform to the best of our knowledge and abilities.

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2925 Richmond Ave. suite 1200, Houston, TX, USA

Mailing Address:


P.O Box 300885

Houston, TX 77230


1 (346)-338-8349

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